All to know about Sport

What is Sport?

Sport is a competitive physical activity, and it is recognized based on physical dexterity and athleticism. Usually, Sport is governed by set rules and regulations that ensure sanity, competitive fairness, and consistent adjudication of winners. Sport is the primary source of entertainment as spectators turn up in vast multitudes to cheer and support their team or member.

People engage in Sport for different reasons, some being financial rewards, reputation, careers, hobbies, and as fitness programs. Sport is a lucrative industry as it contributes billions of dollars and taxes to governments, especially in first-class countries. 

What sports are popular?

Various Sport has grown in popularity and as such amass huge following globally. The following is sport ranking depending in crowd following:


This is the most popular sport globally. It has an average of four billion fans. Available literature shows that half of the global population are soccer fans. Modern football started in the United Kingdom, amassed substantial interest and as such spread across the globe. Football is characterized by two teams, each with eleven players. The primary objective of this Sport is driving the ball into the opponent team. 


Cricket followers are estimated to be about 2.5 billion globally. It started in the United Kingdom and spread across the globe. It is characterized by two teams having eleven players, and each team tries to score most runs. To maintain the pitch they use cricket covers 

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Filed Hockey

Field hockey followers are estimated to be about 2 billion. Hockey spheres of influence are in Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, and Africa. Hockey shares similarity to soccer but sticks are used to drive the ball instead of legs. It is widely played in Pakistan, India, and Australia and as such, their continents have established teams. 


Tennis has about 1 billion fans. The game is characterized by two teams having one/two players each, and it involves bouncing the ball to the nets using rackets. 

Why is horse jumping popular?

Horse jumping is a serious sport, and it is the cornerstone for amateurs and professional men and women. Eventing is part of the interesting things that make the game popular. Eventing combines dressage, showjumping, and cross country. During dressage, horses stay obedient to riders and do not jump. They stay obedient to complete the set sequence of events.

Besides, cross country is another factor for the popularity of the sport. Here the horses gallop through obstacles that do not easily fall. Some of the obstacles include water, wood logs, and stones. 

What equipment is needed for horse jumping? 

Here is the packing list for horse jumping; however, the list is long:

· First aid kit equipped with disinfectants, gauze pads, thermometer,

and blunt-ended scissors

· Grooming kit with a hoof pick, brushes, combs, hoof polish, braiding

kit, baby oil, and cornstarch.

· Travelling bag with spare halter buckets and hay

· Horse tack with a harness, protective boots, and saddles

Where do people do horse jumping? 

People do horse jumping in college equestrian centers. Besides, it can be done in arenas, box stalls, show facilities, and jumping courses.

In summary, Sport is absolutely necessary for fun and body fitness. You only need to identify your favorite and exploit.