If you haven’t yet heard of Bullshit, you are probably wondering how to get on the show. Netflix has just launched a new game show that tests the skill of bullshitting contestants. But it’s not for everyone. This is a trivia competition that requires players to be convincing. And if you can be convincing, you could walk away with a million dollars.

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The show features three panelists who compete to win a $1 million prize. Each contestant will answer ten trivia questions. They must convince the other two judges that the answer they’ve given is correct. Whether the answers are true or false will determine whether the player gets into the hot seat or is eliminated.

Contestants are also prompted by host Howie Mandel to explain their answer. Unlike other shows, the goal is not to be a genius or to know everything. Instead, they are expected to be confident in their answer and to have the skill to deceive other panelists. A good way to prove your intelligence is to think of a story that would make other contestants believe your answer. However, you should avoid overthinking the process. Otherwise, you may end up in the wrong place.

The show also features a “lie detector” that allows the players to decide if the answer is real or if it’s a lie. The accuracy score of a bullshitter will determine how much money they’re allowed to keep. When the player locks in at a winning level, they will be sent up to the hot seat to answer more questions. As the amount of money increases, so does the prize. So, if you’re a great liar, you’ll have a leg up on other contestants.

However, Bullshit doesn’t have a strict audition process. Producers want to see people who are interesting and who aren’t too insecure about themselves. That’s why many of the panels are made up of random people who have erratic track records.

The first season of Bullshit includes ten episodes. Each one runs about forty minutes. It’s recommended you watch all of them. After that, you should be hooked. You’ll need at least six hours to complete the entire season.

If you’re thinking about watching the show, be sure to check out the official trailer. The show’s producers have been careful to add some of the most popular elements to the show.

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The show’s creator, Christopher Potts, has been involved in shows such as Cat Vs. Dog and Sugar Rush, as well as Dancing With the Stars and Nailed It! He’s also judge on Canada’s Got Talent.

Bullshit’s format is a bit confusing. For instance, it’s hard to tell if a question is factual or not. Sometimes you’ll be given a choice of answers and you’ll be told to guess which answer is the truth.

The show will debut April 27. The episodes run around 40 minutes each, so you’ll need to plan on a good 6 hours of watching. Those who want to become better at answering the quizzes might take about two episodes to get into the swing of things.