Washing Clothes as a source of income

In a country like the Philippines, mothers earn money by washing clothes for other families. They normally get a day’s salary for this service. All needed materials for washing are from the owner of the clothes. Included in the package are the free meal and a heartfelt thank you. Well, this is good for the family that is too busy to do the laundry. On the other hand, the service provider gets to earn money even occasionally. Washing clothes with such an approach are done manually. This means they use a piece of clothes’ scrub, a piece of wood for scrubbing and another wood to hit the clothes. All the clothes are hanged outside the house so that the sun and wind will dry the clothes.

Nowadays there are was machine centers where you simply put your clothes in the washing machine and fold it after the process. This is good for two hours of waiting once a week. This is an advantage for busy parents. It saves time and money.




The same thing is an advantage for people who are looking for a business. You can buy many washing machines and find a place like your washing center. Customers of this shop patronize it as long as they need to wear clothes (laughing out loud). Of course, anybody needs to wear clothes. This just means the business has the potential of running for a long time.

Get a heavy duty washing machine that will last long. It is the efficiency of the washing machine that you have to consider. It has to give the best results for the customers. it has to give you the return of investments before it runs out of steam.

The ROI of this business may be short. And it is a good business to consider. You just have to find the best machine and suppliers for this business.

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