Blackfriday–Getting A Deal orNo Real Deal, Just Be a Smarter Shopper


Many would ask what is this Blackfriday? Well it is the day right after Thanksgiving and it is called Black Friday for a real reason. For those retailers that are offering their products on sale on this day, it is a move to boost their sales as in –“into the black” – since in black writing it means profit while the one in red means it is a loss.

How can a store profit from a Black Friday sales?

The store really will profit even though they are selling products at a discount because through this promotion there will be more people who will be going to their stores. With more customers chances are even those that are not really part of the deal are also sold thereby gaining profit for the stores on the overall computation

Pointers to be a smarter shopper

Don’t fall for a big discount with add-ons. Like buying an inexpensive unit with very expensive warranty. Like buying a certain product that cannot function on its own without software. Mostly it is in the add-ons that the discount that they have given will be taken and it will result in not getting any deal at all.

  1. Shop early and do not delay so that you will get the hot items. Better plan out your shopping with a strategy weeks before. Check the prices of the items that are said to be sold at a discount and take note of the original price. Because we think of it as a deal, we might jump into buying a hot item assuming that you will be able to get the highest discount, but in reality not.
  2. Protecting yourself from online “bait and switch method” where the advertised item is not anymore on stock when you try to purchase then you are given another product similar to it but with a lower quality.

Final Thought

In this world there are always people who try to temp us into believing in something and we are just naïve not being able to understand this right then and there.



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