Learning The Basics Of game domino qiu qiu The Easy Way

Though it’s a common sight for us to see, not everyone understands how the game is played. In fact, some even link these domino tiles to the “relay” games where they topple one over another.

So, now that we are on the topic, let’s get to the bottom of this seemingly difficult but fun game.

What is game domino qiu qiu?

  • Makes use of domino tiles that constitute a domino set
  • Variations: double 6, double nine, double-18 tiles
  • The tile variations mentioned above signify the inlaid number (the highest number of pips) on a tile set

Main objective of domino game

  • Block your opponents’ attempts to empty their hand of their tiles while ensuring you successfully do it yourself.

The rules of domino game

Note: Most domino games base their rule on the six dominoes block style game.

  1. The game starts with a total of 28 tiles.
  2. The tiles are then faced down and shuffled to ensure fairness.
  3. Once shuffled, each player gets 7 tiles for themselves.
  4. Each player then checks for the tiles they possess.
  5. The player that gets the tile with the highest value leads the game.
  6. The game then proceeds in a clockwise manner, starting from the lead player’s left side.
  7. Players create a line of play using a series of tiles with the adjacent tiles possessing an equal value.
  8. All players alternate turns, extending the line until one player eventually passes as he cannot play the game.
  9. Winners of the game are determined by the following criteria:


  1. Player who plays their last tile
  2. If domino table is blocked as all players can’t continue playing, the lowest cumulative number of pips wins the game.

Fun facts about dominos

  • The game is mathematical in nature.
  • The game is played in organizations like International Federation of Dominoes.
  • Dominoes are highly popular in Puerto Rico.
  • Professional domino table prices range from as low as $70 to a few hundred bucks.

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