If you are looking for a decent list of non-profit organizations, it
is easy. There are a lot of sources where you can find them on. You may need
some information about local charities, or probably some organizations that have
a target people group or a job in a specific field, this is not a problem anymore.
All you need to do is to look for a search engine or an online database. You can
also approach the local leaders who surely have knowledge on non-profit
organizations. Some examples of these are the Internal Revenue Service or you
can consult directly to your town hall.

The Best Resources

1 – Go to EOSC or IRS’ Exempt Organizations Select Check. You can find this
online and users can look for organizations that are exempted in paying
taxes. You will be able to access this site through IRS.
2 – Which non-profit organization are you interested in. You have three
choices. There are those who are eligible to get donations which are tax
deductible. There are also those who filed 990-N form and those status are
exempt revoked.
3 –  Use the EIN or employer identification number.
4 – You can also use the name of the organization. If you only know some
parts of the name, just enter it and it will already give you suggestions of
organizations with the name.
5 –  You can also use the location of the organization you are looking for. You
can enter the state, city or even just the zip code.
6 – You may also use the deductibility status. This will usually depend on the
legal position of the organization you are looking for.
7-  Enter and then run your search. Results should show up fast containing
EIN, location, deductibility status, name and all information that match
your search.
8-  To make it easy, instead of making a search, why not download the list of
non-profit organizations using a zip file.

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