The Sport Of Cricket

Once upon a time, people used to have more spare time to schedule a cricket game among friends and have some flexibility around the weather. The combination of rainy weather, natural grass grown on pure soil, and sporting activity often leads to a messy combination.

Time and weather constraints have created conditions to the development of artificial cricket pitch. Maintenance is simplified because it needs no watering, fertilizing, and mowing. The artificial grass lasts longer, and costs less as well.

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What Is Cricket?

Cricket is a game of two teams and eleven players, played mostly in Commonwealth nations across the globe.

While in the beginning it used to be played by women and children. As it became increasingly popular, it became known as the "gentleman's game," however more and more women are coming back to it and choosing it as their careers.

What Types Of cricket pitches Are There?

While traditional cricket pitches are flat with very small grass, nowadays it is common to find artificial turfs or concrete slabs. These latter types are more suitable for amateur players.

Pitches with moist and long grass are called Green, and they favour the bowler over the batsman due to the erratic ball behaviour. When the pitch is affected by rain, it is called a Sticky - this is a rare condition in professional cricket because the pitch is usually protected from dew or rain. On the other hand, Dust Bowl or Minefield are pitch conditions where the land is dried out and develops cracks during long games.

You can find many slow pitches in the Indian subcontinent. The climate there is hot and humid, and the soil becomes dry. These pitches do not favour batsmen and fast bowlers.

Instead, fast bowlers and batsmen find fast pitches in Australia, where the soil has greater clay content. That makes for fast pitches, bouncy and skidding.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Playing Cricket?

Cricket can greatly improve your physical condition.

You will develop stamina running across the field, hand-eye coordination when catching and throwing the ball, and improved gross motor skills working the large muscles when bowling, battling, and catching.

In general terms, cricket players also develop balance, flexibility, and concentration.

Why Do People Play Cricket?

It is a team sport. The eleven players must work together to defeat the opposite team.

Cricket is very strategic and there are many variants that influence the final outcome of a match: weather, pitch, crowd, and so on.

Children develop cooperation when playing and accomplishment when they win. Adults, too, can foster friendships in a different circle outside of work. The game demands leadership from its captain, someone truly capable of making decisions in the heat of the moment and under pressure. The captain must also boost the team morale when necessary.

Even among people from different nationalities such as India and Pakistan, they can see beyond discrimination and hatred and play together towards a common goal. It is a beautiful sport, that brings out the best of each individual.