Multi Use Game Areas

In case you've been wondering what a muga pitch is, it stand for Multi-Use Games Area.

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They are used as sports pitches for playing various sports on the same fled. Although mugas have been in use for several years, their surfacing has been developed and currently offer additional characteristics that were absent in the previous models. Indeed, the advent of 3G and 2G has dramatically improved the playing experience, making it feel like playing on real grass. Read through to find out more about these new play areas that have entirely revolutionised sports.

Who would use A muga?

A MUGA pitch is used by sportsmen while playing a wide array of games. They are installed in leisure centers, schools and local clubs where they are used continuously round the clock.

Why do People Use MUGAs for Sports?

MUGAs are installed by schools and other sporting centers for various reasons. Firstly, Multi-Use-Games-Areas are cost-effective ways for sports facilities to create surfaces that can be utilised effectively for multiple sports in the same field. It reduces the need for putting up numerous pitches.

Consequently, various sports clubs can agree and share the cost of installation. Therefore, a MUGA is a more viable option for clubs that are smaller and do not have many resources at their disposal.

Another reason why MUGAs are used for sports is that they can allow continuous round the clock play, unlike grass surfaces.

Furthermore, a MUGA pitch is designed in a way that it requires less maintenance. As such, the surfaces are durable and need little maintenance and can eventually last for any years. That characteristic makes them excellent long term investment strategies while at the same time enjoying low ongoing costs.

Lastly, people install Multi-Use Games Areas due to the health benefits associated with them. MUGAs result in long-term mental and physical health benefits for locals or students who use such facilities.

Encouraging people to participate in sports is one of the best ways to address issues such as obesity as well as improving mental health in the long-term.

What Sports Can Be Played on a MUGA?

MUGA surfaces come in various forms and are ideal for playing multiple sports. With the innovations that have been on the rise in the modern age, MUGA surfaces are currently available in nine different forms, all with their strengths and weaknesses.

Deciding on the type of a MUGA pitch surface to use depends on your budget, the playing experience you desire, the longevity you wish, and most importantly, the sports you want to play on the surface.

Here are some of the MUGA surfaces available in sporting arenas:

- Type 1 & 2 Macadam- have lines drawn to create the pitches and courts. They are suitable for rebound sports such as basketball, tennis, and netball.
- Type 3 High Grip Polymeric Surface- they are designed with a rubber surface and are ideal for playing basketball, netball, and tennis.
- Type 4 Polymeric Surface- they have a polymeric surface and are suitable for playing general sports, football, and netball.

The Verdict

The popularity of MUGAs has made the demand for high quality and well surfaced MUGA pitches to reach a historic high. They are an ideal investment for a sports club or a school that wants sporting activities to take place round the clock.